Instrumenting Elixir Applications

Do you operate an Elixir application, but don't know how to monitor it? Are you learning Elixir want to learn the operations side? Feeling overwhelmed between telemetry, Telemetry, Traces, Spans, and OpenTelemetry? Looking to level up your Elixir skills to land a better job? Then this workshop is for you.
In this course you'll learn:
  • What Telemetry is and how to use it.
  • The different types of instrumentation we can gather for an application.
  • How to use Telemetry.Metrics to collection data from the BEAM.
  • How to generate traces and spans for Phoenix requests, Broadway consumers, and Oban Workers.
  • How to trace across distributed contexts.
  • Different options for visualizing metrics and spans.
  • Where OpenTelemetry fits into the instrumentation stack.

# Upcoming Workshops

August 30th - Instrumenting Elixir Applications @ ElixirConf
November 2nd - Instrumenting Elixir Applications @ Code BEAM America
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# Private Workshops

Private workshops are perfect for organizations looking to level up their operational Elixir skills. Workshops can be done on site and tailored to fit your organization's needs. Private workshops start at $5,000 plus travel expenses. To get the ball rolling please email us.